Duet Communications works with you to create your ideal brand. We can work with you from the conception of your product through to the marketing stages, or help you out with promoting your amazing product through our marketing and social media services. Whatever it is you are looking for, we will find a solution to fit your needs.

We want this to be all about you.


Social Media Strategy

We know your business rocks and we want the world to know that too.

Duet Communications will become your partner when it comes to everything social from optimizing your page or profile to what campaigns should be run and when. Our comprehensive strategy proposal will go through all of this and more so you know exactly how your business will be represented online.

Account Management

The Duet Communications team likes to get our hands dirty, which is exactly why we love being in the social media trenches.

It is very time consuming to stay on top of everything that is happening in the social media world, and anyone who is running a business definitely does not have time for that. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and keep your business on top of the social media game.

Social Media Training

More of a hands-on type of person and like to be out there in front of the crowds?

We can help you navigate the social media jungle by providing one-on-one or small group training. After we are done, you’ll feel confident in being able to manage your social media accounts all on your own.



Every business needs to have a website. The web is the place where people go to look for solutions to their problems, and if you aren’t there, you are missing out on valuable business.

We can give an old site a facelift or start from square one and even discuss hosting plans. Please contact us today so we can provide you a custom quote for your updated online presence.

Digital Media

The world is becoming paperless, and Duet Communications can help your business communications save the environment.

We can create and handle e-mail marketing campaigns complete with analytics of how your messages are being received. We can also create any kind of digital documentation you might need from proposals to web banners and Facebook ads. Anything you can dream up, we can do.

Print Media

Duet Communications can coordinate your digital marketing efforts with your printed ones to creative a unified marketing strategy.

We are able to create business cards, brochures, postcards, or large format banners for your business or upcoming events. Please contact us for a custom quote for your graphics work.



Whether your have a pre-existing website, mobile application or piece of software you want evaluated, or simply have an idea you want to bring to life, Duet will work with you to test the waters and gain a baseline with your target audience.

Through various testing methods, Duet will evaluate where the stumbling points are in your product and make recommendations on how to improve these troublesome areas.


Duet uses designers to design user interfaces, not developers. The results we see are current, well-loved, and time tested interfaces that are easy to use. Our designers do work closely with our developers though to ensure no functionality is sacrificed.

With beautiful, functional user interfaces, your end users will have the most delightful experience possible with your product. The lasting benefits of investing in your user interface are conversions, brand loyalty and referrals. The winning trifecta.


Developers and designers work harmoniously together at Duet to ensure the products we develop not only look great, but also work great.

With an open, communicative working relationship on every project between all stakeholders, designers and developers, the exact outcome you and your end users need are met and delivered.